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The Art of War by Baron de Jomini - Special Edition

by Antoine Henri De Jomini translated by G. H. Mendell translated by W. P. Craighill

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The Art of War by Baron de Jomini was considered by most military experts of the day, at the time of the American Civil War, to be the definitive work on strategy and warfare. Even today, it is highly regarded as a seminal work in the development of military strategy.

Antoine Henri de Jomini was one of Napoleon's most capable generals. He contributed to almost all of Napoleon's major battles. Napoleon regarded him so highly he gave him the title Baron de Jomini. At the close of the Napoleonic wars de Jomini became General and Aide de camp for the Czar of Russia. His first-hand accounts and rigorous analysis of important battles is still a major resource on tactics, strategy and warfare.

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