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Saul's Daughter: The Story of David and Michal

by Gladys Malvern edited by Susan Houston edited by Shawn Conners

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Beautiful, impetuous and headstrong, Michal is the young daughter of Saul, the first King of Israel. As a woman of her society, she has a certain importance as a princess, but in all other respects, she has little control over her destiny. She and everyone else assume that she will marry whomever her father chooses. But then a humble young man named David is called to the royal court to play music for Saul, and Michal and the young shepherd are instantly smitten with each other. As David begins to rise in importance in the court and defeats the Philistine giant Goliath, his increasing popularity begins to threaten Saul, who swings back and forth between affection for the young man he loves like a son, and a raging hatred for this young upstart. Saul fears David will steal his throne, and decides to remove this threat to his stability and power. Michal's quick-wittedness and resolve saves David's life, but at a great cost to her own future happiness. As the years stretch by, both David and Michal are parted by cruel circumstance, and Michal learns patience and a degree of selflessness. As her family and country is torn apart by war with Philistia, Michal's longing to be reunited with her beloved David seems as though it will never come to pass...