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Heart's Conquest: A Story of Medieval England

by Gladys Malvern edited by Susan Houston edited by Shawn Conners

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She was called "Alicia the Beauteous," and as a member of the nobility, she enjoyed privilege and adulation wherever she went. Her father, the Earl of Hastings and her extended family doted on her and she was surrounded by suitors. But then gentle King Edward the Confessor died, and life became much more uncertain. Duke William of Normandy declared his right to the English throne, and backed it up with a devastating army. The Battle of Hastings and the Norman Invasion put an end to life as Alicia had known it. Alicia, proud, defiant and brave, cannot bear to see her country bow to the Norman conquerors. Joining with other rebels, she begins her own quest to rid England of the Normans. But her loathing for these men who have taken away everything she holds dear cannot quite extend to the kind and handsome Gilbert, Duc de Gant. Will her heart be able to resist her longing for Gilbert, even as she seeks to drive his people from England's shores forever?