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Hammer of Thor - Norse Mythology and Legends - Special Edition

by H. A. Guerber edited by Shawn Conners

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Many Norse stories were introduced to the world for the first time by H.A. Guerber in Myths of the Norsemen in 1909. Borrowing from this and other classic sources, Hammer of Thor - Norse Mythology and Legends contains more than two dozen bold and exciting myths and legends from Norse mythology, with the original sketched illustrations from the first edition of Guerber's Myths of the Norsemen.
This special edition begins with the Norse legend of creation and ends with a comparison between Norse and Greek mythology. Between, scores of larger than life heroes jump out of the pages to boast of their glorious adventures and achievements.
Roam the lands of the realm of Asgard, in the company of the greatest heroes to ever populate the heavens. Follow the mighty Thor, in the complete saga of his adventures, as he smites his enemies with his fearsome hammer. Bow to King Odin, wise and feared leader of the Norse gods. Then skulk along darkened passages with Loki, the most mischievous of the gods. Claim your honor before the coming of Ragnarok, when the mighty leave this world behind to claim their ultimate reward.