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Bon Bons, Bourbon and Bon Mots: Stories from the Algonquin Round Table

by Franklin Pierce Adams by Robert Benchley by Heywood Broun

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The Algonquin Round Table, or "The Vicious Circle" as it was commonly known, came about much like so many social gatherings. A few friends get together, have a good time, and decide it would be fun to do it on a regular basis. Now, give them all literary or theatrical pedigrees and larger than life personalities. Then put them in a time and place that encourages artistic creativity, excessive drinking and some rather outrageous behavior. Lastly, give them national exposure. What emerges is a group that not only sets the standard for contemporary literary style and wit, but helps change forever the face of American culture. This collection contains the early poems, stories and anecdotes from seven of the Algonquin Round Table writers: Dorothy Parker, Robert Benchley, Franklin Pierce Adams, Heywood Broun, Edna Ferber, Ruth Hale, and Donald Ogden Stewart.