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According to Thomas: A Story of the Apostle Thomas

by Gladys Malvern edited by Shawn Conners edited by Susan Houston

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Thomas of Antioch, handsome, inquiring and earnest, is the youngest of the Twelve Apostles. He has come to be known as the ages have passed as "the great doubter." Around 50 years after his time with Jesus Christ, St. Thomas the Apostle was sent from Antioch to South India where he established seven churches before being martyred near modern day Chennai. This novel for young adults tells of Thomas' early search for a leader who not only would bring hope and joy to his followers, but would also prepare the way for the long awaited Messiah. How Thomas, in spite of his doubts, did find his leader and king is told by Gladys Malvern in this beautiful, simply written narrative of the early life of Thomas as a follower and confidante of Jesus Christ. Out of print for more than 30 years, this special edition is presented for young adults in a large, trade size paperback, suitable for collecting.